Physical Examination

At AFC Urgent Care, our physical examinations are conducted by highly skilled healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These professionals perform a comprehensive assessment of your overall health status, tailoring the examination to your age, medical history, and specific needs.AFC-Urgetn-Care

Understanding AFC Urgent Care’s Physical Examination

We can help you if you have a non-life-threatening injury or illness. Contact emergency services immediately if you find yourself in a life-threatening medical situation. However, we are an excellent choice if you have a cold, cut or shave, or think you might have the flu. Situations like these aren’t fatal, but illnesses like the flu can be dangerous if not treated quickly.AFC-Urgetn-Care-Physical-Examination Having a parent or guardian available during a physical examination is crucial for children. Children know or have a complete understanding of their family’s history. Most parents or guardians’ input is invaluable. Most medical professionals agree that history is a crucial exam.

Physical exam

Once the history portion of the examination has been completed, the doctor or healthcare provider will usually do the following:

  • Record your height and weight.
  • Make sure that your blood pressure and pulse are at a healthy level
  • Conduct vision and hearing tests.
  • hernia test
  • Check your muscle strength and flexibility, posture, and joints.

Depending on the child’s age, the doctor may check cholesterol and hemoglobin levels and perform a urinalysis.

Most of the physical exams will be the same for women and men. However, the doctor may ask different questions depending on whether the person has started or is going through puberty.

The doctor will also ask about the use of drugs, alcohol, or dietary supplements. This may include questions about the use of weight loss supplements, steroids, and other performance-enhancing agents, as they can harm a person’s health.