Laboratory Services

Our professional team at AFC Urgent Care Centers in North Carolina is dedicated to providing affordable health care that is not only safe but also conveniently available during evenings and weekends, when your regular doctor may not be accessible. This makes us a reliable and cost-effective alternative to a hospital emergency room during an emergency or to a regular doctor when you need medical attention.AFC-Urgetn-Care American Family Care (AFC) is your solution for various common illnesses and conditions. Our services are not only effective but also significantly cheaper than a visit to the emergency room. On average, AFC patients are billed around $ 150, and the entire process usually takes about an hour, ensuring you get the care you need without breaking the bank.

USA World and News Report reports that about 75% of children’s emergency room visits occur during evenings or weekends when individuals can’t see their primary care doctor is not available. Many of these trips are for respiratory illnesses or similar conditions that an emergency center like AFC could treat.


Laboratory Tests and Services | AFC North Carolina Emergency Care

AFC Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic offers a variety of lab tests with quick results.

Within ten minutes, results are available, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment planning. The results of several tests can be obtained, including

CBC: These tests check for anemia or signs of infection.

Urinalysis: Urinalysis tests can check for pregnancy and infection and are used for drug testing.

Cultures: These tests for streptococci and influenza.

Chemistry: We perform chemistry tests to detect dehydration, electrolyte imbalances (potassium, sodium, etc.), and liver dysfunction.

If your AFC Urgent Care provider in North Carolina thinks you need lab work, you don’t have to go to a private laboratory for collection and wait for a call or a second appointment to get the results.

At AFC Urgent Care Centers, we strive to offer you the best medical care available, including a comprehensive on-site laboratory at our AFC Urgent Care Centers. Thank you for reaching out to us; if you have any questions, please contact customer support.