In a recent survey with the AFC Urgent Care Association, Solv found that patients waited 24 days to see their doctor. Today, we are surrounded by instant gratification. Consumers today expect more. You are now demanding.AFC-Urgetn-Care You can watch a movie instantly or download it in minutes. If you need groceries, you can pick up your phone and have them within an hour. If you need restaurant reservations, find one available, book online, check in minutes later, and get set up instantly. Medical care should be no different.

Your Complete Guide to Convenient Healthcare

Emergency care, the fastest-growing healthcare service in the United States, is a testament to the fact that healthcare consumers are seeking immediate solutions to their health issues. These consumers, often self-sufficient and proactive, search intensively for terms like “emergency care near me”. They want same-day access to quality healthcare professionals when they are sick or injured (off-hours, weekends, and holidays) without the expense and inconvenience of the ward, providing them with a sense of relief and assurance.

Emergency centers, in addition to their primary role of treating emergencies, also cater to a wide range of non-emergency health needs. They often treat minor illnesses such as the flu, sinusitis, strep throat, cuts, scrapes, and burns. Increasingly, these clinics provide preventive care services, including annual health and wellness visits, flu shots, and other vaccines, and take on the role of primary caregiver for the tens of millions of consumers who don’t have one. This comprehensive range of services instills confidence in the audience.

AFC Urgent Care has been providing quality, affordable emergency care since 2013! When you visit AFC Urgent Care in Gastonia, NC, you will be cared for by our trained and caring team of nurses, radiologists, medical assistants, nurses, and physicians who will provide high-quality care and a positive experience. Comfortable rooms, friendly professional staff, and state-of-the-art equipment (including digital radiographs and a complete laboratory) to meet your urgent care needs.