Step into the virtual lobby of AFC Urgent Care, where efficiency meets convenience at your fingertips. Behind this digital doorway lies a world of possibilities, empowering you to navigate your workday easily.AFC-Urgetn-Care As you embark on this login journey, envision a realm where schedules align seamlessly, pay stubs materialize with a click, and your personal information is guarded with utmost care. It’s not just about logging in; it’s about embarking on an adventure tailored to your needs, with your security as our top priority.


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Join us as we demystify the AFC Urgent Care login process, transforming mundane tasks into an exciting expedition that you can navigate easily.

A Step-by-Step Guide to AFC Urgent Care Employee Login

Here’s a basic login procedure for accessing the AFC Urgent Care employee self-service portal:

  • Access the Portal: Go to the AFC Urgent Care employee self-service portal using the provided URL: https://selfservice.ascentis.com/AmericanFamilyCare/STS/signin.aspx.
  • Enter Username: Enter your assigned username in the designated field on the login page. Your employer or HR department typically provides this username when you join AFC Urgent Care.AFC-Urgetn-Care-Login
  • Enter Password: Below the username field, enter your password. Your employer may also provide your initial password, and for security purposes, you may be required to change it to a personalized password upon your first login.
  • Click “Sign In”: After entering your username and password, click the “Sign In” button to proceed.
  • Authenticate (if required): Depending on your employer’s security settings, you may be prompted to provide additional authentication. This could be a one-time password sent to your registered email or a security question. Follow the prompts to finish the authentication process.

You should be logged into your AFC Urgent Care employee self-service account upon successful authentication. You can now access many features and resources available through the portal, such as viewing your pay stubs, managing your schedule, updating personal information, and accessing company documents.

After you have finished using the portal, logging out of your account is essential to protect your personal information and ensure security. Look for the logout option, usually situated in the top right corner of the portal interface, and click on it to log out. Remember, always log out when you’re done to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

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